Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Location

See our map here for street and satellite view of the Airport and perhaps our page on Ground Transportation. There are national highways/freeways that connect directly by car or driving to Taipei ariport.



Entrance route: take National Highway 1 and connect to National Highway 2 - Dayuan Interchange - Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. From Dayuan, take Provincial Highway 110 to the airport . Dayuan Interchange .Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. From Provincial Highway No.4 - To Nankan - Taiwan Taoyuan Airport.



Departure route: Dayuan Interchange - to National Highway 1 and Taoyuan inner loop freeway - southbound to Xinzhu, Taichung, Gaoxiong. Nankan Interchange - to National Highway 1 - northbound to Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - to Provincial Highway No. 4 - Zhuwei northbound towards Guandu.