Taipei Taoyuan Airport Informational Guide to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) - Non Official

Car Rental Taipei Taoyuan Airport

To rent a car in Taipei Taoyuan Airport is a good way to discover the capital of Taiwan and surroundings.

You can book your car rental online in the following search engine to find the best option for your trip!

car rental Companies

- Avis Taiwan: +866-3-6565990

- Car Plus: +886-3-3931133

- Ching Bing: +866-3-3983979

- Hotai Leasing Corporation: +866-3-3983636


Car rental can be found on the following locations:

Terminal 1: West and south side of the Terminal 1, Arrivals Lobby on the first floor.

Terminal 2: South and north side of the Terminal 2, Arrivals Lobby on the first floor.