Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, Taipei SERVICES


An incredible variety of shops, restaurants, fast food courts, all are available at the airport.


Transportation between Terminals

Transportation between Terminal 1 and 2 is provided by the TTIA Skytrain, a driverless people mover system. The train transports passengers who have cleared security and those who have not through separate train cars.


Business Travel Center

Taiwan Taoyuan Airport has a business travel center, opened in 2011. The facility is a three-story building that is located between the first and second terminals. Business passengers that request the service can drive into the airport’s restricted zone and park their vehicles directly in front of the building. This allows business travelers to arrive at the airport much closer to the actual departure time and is not necessary to arrive 2 hours before departure time, as international passengers are required to do.


The business center has more than 15 isolated areas that allow passengers to eat their meals without any distractions or disruptions. The facility also includes a spa, gymnasium and sauna that are available for use by travelers. Travelers who wish to use the facility must make reservations at least three days in advance.


Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Huan Yu VIP Terminal, also known as the Taoyuan Business Aviation Centre (TYBAC) was officially opened in mid-October 2011. The three-story facility has its own terminal and facilities separate from the public terminals. It provides a multimedia conference room, passenger lounge, private rooms and showers, sauna, spa, gym and business centre facilities. Other services include ground handling, baggage handling, security, fuelling, customs and flight planning. Passengers planning to utilize TYBAC must sign up (to the Taiwanese immigration service) 3 days before use.


Future Expansion

A third terminal is being planned and is expected to handle 43 million passengers per year when completed. The terminal will be located west of the existing Terminal 2, with facilities for entertainment, shopping, conferences and accommodations. Is estimated that the entire project will be completed by 2020. The Civil Aeronautics Administration has allocated NT$60 billion (US$1.9 billion) for construction of the new terminal. A satellite terminal for check-in and additional buildings for auxiliary facilities are planned as well.